About us

The RGG Capital company was founded in 2009 as a consulting company that specialize in M&A transactions under the leadership of Joel Lautier. 


Before the RGG Capital company's establishment Joel Lautier was in charge of the department «Russia Goes Global» (consulting on assets' acquisition abroad for Russian investors) at the Strategy Partners Group company (russian strategic consultancy № 1).

Today the RGG Capital company - is a team of professionals with a considerable experience in carrying out M&A transactions, consulting on a business development in the Russisn Federation, CIS countries and the EU. 


The company's projects are implemented within such areas, as:


  • Oil and Gas

  • Energy, including renewable energy sources

  • Metallurgy 

  • Chemicals industry

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Construction and real estate

  • Media & Telecommunications

  • Information technology

  • Food industry

  • Financial services

Competitive advantage of the RGG Capital company is largely created by an optimal ratio of the price and quality of the service provided, which also meet requirements of the international standards.