The RGG Capital company represented the interests of the Russian company before a foreign investor. The deal to sell the business was successfully closed.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Preparation of  the financial model with business valuation,  investment memorandum and teaser

Organization and carrying out of negotiations with a foreign investor. Representation and protection of client’s interests in the process of communication

Consulting support in determining the terms of the shareholder’s agreement and advice on transaction structuring

  • Creation of detailed information memorandum

  • Creation of a brief investment proposal (teaser)

  • Building a financial model with business valuation by the method of discounted cash flow (DCF) and comparative approach

  • Analysis of the Russian market and search for new potential buyers except already introduced foreign customer 

  • Establishing cross-cultural communications and bringing to negotiation table European headquarters of the buyer

  • Improvement of client’s financial literacy and preparation for collective negotiations

  • Protection of client's interests and position over the foreign partner in negotiations

  • Reconciliation the main conditions of the transaction (term-sheet)

  • Improvement of customer negotiating position by sharpening argumentation strategy

  • Seal closure in 7 months from the beginning of work with the client

  • Signing of a shareholders' agreement with a 30% premium to the customer’s business compared to the initial purchaser’s price

Full set of investment documents: financial model with the company’s valuation, memorandum, teaser

Signed document on the main terms and conditions of the transaction (term-sheet)

Deal closure with foreign investor