The RGG Capital company raised equity financing for the Russian company that provides services related to the oilfield development.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Building a financial model with business valuation , determine the amount of external funding required,
preparation of investment documents

Organization and carrying out of negotiations with investors. Representation of client’s interests in the process of communication

Consulting support in determining the terms of the shareholder’s agreement and advice on transaction structuring

  • Evaluation of investment project and indicators of investment effectiveness

  • Building a financial model with business valuation 

  • Determination of the amount of external funding required and proposed share to the investor

  • Preparation of a detailed information memorandum and brief investment proposal (teaser)

  • Search for  Russian strategic and financial investors (long-list)

  • Ranking investors by priority in the short-list 

  • Organization of negotiations with selected investors and reconciliation of the main conditions of the transaction 

Full set of investment documents: financial model with the company’s valuation, memorandum, teaser

Signed document on the main terms and conditions of the transaction (term-sheet)

  • Reasoning of the company's valuation during the negotiations

  • Deal structuring and negotiation of its terms

  • Signing of the shareholders' agreement

Acquisition of a minority stake by Russian investor