The RGG Capital company provided selection of industrial sites for a CIS machine-building company in order to create JV with Russian partner and localize production facilities.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Prepare a short-list of machine-building companies with production sites in Russia

Identify and prepare brief description of the most appropriate machine-building companies with production sites that are suitable for localization of client’s product range

Establish contacts with selected machine-building companies and support JV negotiations process

  • Collect and analyze data on relevant Russian equipment industry

  • Identify machine-building companies with special production requirements

  • Preliminary valuation of financial performance

  • Rank companies by industrial fit

  • Identify the most appropriate machine-building companies for negotiations

  • Organize negotiations between the client and potential partners for establishment of JV

  • Elaborate a business plan of the JV

  • Advise client on negotiations and financial terms of JV

  • Analyze selected machine-building companies in terms of product range, financial performance and management team

  • Analyze and assess synergies and risks from partnership

  • Prepare detailed description of the companies

30 machinery companies with appropriate production facilities

Finalized description of  5 machinery companies

Signed JV term-sheet with a local partner