Business Acquisition

RGG Capital provides full-range advisory services in the acquisitions of both Russian and international companies.


  • Search for potential target companies with defined criteria

  • Brief overview of all potential targets

  • Contacting and submitting an acquisition offer  to the selected companies


  • A list of potential and appropriate targest to acquire in a MS Excel format (long list)

  • Ranked list of the companies by the clients' criteria with a description of each of them (short-list)

  • Submitted proposals of the target companies' acquisition

Target screening and Contacting owners


  • Detailed description of the targeted company and its value

  • Structured position of the client during negotiations

  • Conclusion of the transaction's main conditions (term-sheet)


  • Strategic potential and competitive advantages analysis

  • Preliminary valuation

  • Preparation of bid offer and price determination

  • Organization and conduct of detailed negotiations on behalf of the client

Analysis and valuation of acquisition and Negotiations
Due Diligence and Closing


  • Advising the Client on the deal's structure, shareholder' agreement, and other key documents

  • Coordination of  Due Diligence on the client-side

  • Agree of final business price and other deal's conditions


  • Signed shareholder's agreement with the investor

  • Closing the deal