Business development

The RGG Capital company provides a comprehensive support in establishing relationships in the form of JV, partnership, licensing with Russian partners for Western companies willing to enter to the Russian market
Having a broad international network of partners and experts the RGG Capital company sufficiently implement the search and the selection of the investors and targets to acquire from almost all over the world.  
Example of a business development service provided in Russia for an international client



  • Informational memorandum

  • Draw up an info memo presenting the competitive advantages/capabilities of the client as a preferred foreign partner for a Russian company

  • Mapping of companies and products in Russia

  • Long list of relevant potential commercial partners in Russia

  • Market  screening

  • Presentation of local targets to the client

  • Validation with the client of the companies to approach

  • Ranking by priority selected companies in short list.

  • Targets selection

  • Approach of each targeted companies

  • Sending a blind teaser to initiate contact

  • Approach of targeted  companies

  • Client's assistance in the evaluation and in the negotiation until the signature of the licensing/JV contract

  • Negotiation process