Business sale

RGG Capital provides comprehensive support to its clients in the development of their M&A, investment and financing strategies, and in raising capital from EU, Russian and CIS countries investors. 


  • Preparation of a detailed financial model of a valued business in a MS Excel format

  • Business valuation based on income approach (discounted cash flow) and comparative approach (market multiples)

  • Preparation of investor presentation

  • Preparation of a brief investment summary (one-page teaser)


  • Financial model in a MS Excel format 

  • Agreed business valuation

  • Investor presentation in .pdf format (30-35 pages on average)

  • One-page teaser

Valuation of the business and Investment Memorandum


  • List of the investors in a MS Excel format (long list and short list)

  • Signed NDAs with investors concerned

  • Signed term-sheet


  • Creation of a list with all potential investors (long-list)

  • Ranking and prioritizing of investors to show the teaser (short-list)

  • The teaser's mailing and set of contacts with the investors

  • Signing of NDAs with investors concerned 

  • Negotiating with the investors concerned and preparation of answers to their questions

  • Negotiating for a baasic condition for the deal (term-sheet)

  • Preparation of the company to a management presentation to the investors 

Investor search and Negotiations
Due Diligence and Closing


  • Advising the Client on the deal's structure, shareholder' agreement, and other key documents

  • Coordination of  Due Diligence on the client-side

  • Agree of final business price and other deal's conditions


  • Signed shareholders' agreement with the investors

  • Closing of the deal